With floorball training being off the table in the Czech Republic, the young floorball superstar Filip Langer is being given the chance to practice with one of the best floorball clubs in the world, the Swedish club Storvreta IBK. 

− It is going to be great to see Filip in our environment for a few weeks. Being unable to practice floorball at home in the Czech Republic he needed a team and club to train with, says Storvreta IBK head coach Oscar Lundin.

This young floorballer, born 2001, has been making waves in the floorball world, recently reaching 100 points in the Czech top league, Livesport Superliga, in 59 regular season games. Now he will get a chance to train with Storvreta IBK at the state-of-the-art floorball facility IFU Arena.

− This is a young player who is already a top level player and l think this will be a win-win situation where our level of training will help him and he will help bring up our level of training, says Storvreta IBK head coach Oscar Lundin.

Most people in the floorball world have heard of the Czech floorball superstar Filip Langer. From scoring highlight goals in the Livesport Superliga, to helping lead the Czech Men’s U19 to their first WFC gold at the 2019 MU19 World Floorball Championships in Canada.

Photo by Adam Troy

− The situation is tough for everyone now, including professional athletes. Sports in the Czech Republic have been shut down and we can’t train, but I consider myself very lucky. Storvreta IBK, one of the best teams in the world, have offered me the chance to train with them until the season restarts in the Czech Republic, says Filip Langer.

When not practicing floorball or training outdoors Filip Langer is a student. With classes going online he can now study from anywhere in the world. An opportunity he will now embrace as he heads north to train with the best.

− I’m so excited for the chance to train with the best players in the world. This will help me a lot in my development and it will bring me new life experiences. As we say back home even bad things can bring something good with them, he concludes.

Filip Langer arrived in Uppsala yesterday afternoon and will start training with Storvreta IBK shortly.

Source & more information: Storvreta IBK

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