After an 87%  increase in the number of first-time players in 2019, the Brazilian Floorball Association launched a plan in February 2020 to reach 100.000 players until 2023. By then, two of the pillars of the strategy concentrated on engaging regional groups and education through events, but with Covid-19 the plan was rewritten, and new goals were set.

The main outcome of the new plan is the #FloorballEmCasa (#FloorballAtHome) Movement, launched with several initiatives, but keeping the same objectives as in the first plan: to grow awareness of the sport, ease access to play, engage multipliers and support the floorball community.

One of the main efforts is the Promotion #FloorballEmCasa, that awards people that share at least 26 photos or videos of them training at home, having 100 pieces of contents in 18 days with a growing number of participants. Everyone that reach the threshold will win an online course and can get lucky and receive two sticks and four balls.

– The participants are currently from within the floorball community, but it is expected that newcomers will join when digital influence and press releases are put in place, says the Brazilian Floorball Association Vice President who is responsible for Marketing, Rafael Pasqua.

For the newcomers in the sport, a new online course with the sports basics and guides to build homemade equipment was designed. Regarding education, courses that give access to the just launched license system have been adapted to an online version and now can be offered nationally. In order to support the floorball community against the economic recession, athletes have priority in becoming commercial partners and receive commissions on online courses. An online store with equipment was put in place. Initiatives to help schools to introduce the sport, with class content, new or homemade equipment are also being designed.

–  It was a lot of work to build and implement this plan having the pandemic happening in the background, but the new team did a great job and we are even stronger and better prepared to keep the sport growing, says Adriano Serafim, Brazilian Floorball Association President.

This new plan also marks the arrival of new directors and assistants that can help to grow the game in Brazil.

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