The Champions Cup 2020 is played in the RT Torax Arena in Ostrava, Czech Republic, January 11th – 12th. The champions from the top four floorball countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland will play in the CC 2020.

Women’s CC teamsTäby FC (SWE), SB-Pro (FIN), Kloten-Dietlikon Jets (SUI), 1. SC Vitkovice (CZE). Read team presentations here.
Men’s CC teamsClassic (FIN), Storvreta IBK (SWE), SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI), 1. SC Vitkovice (CZE). Read team presentations here.

CC Schedule

Saturday January 11th
10:30 W: SB-Pro (FIN) – Kloten-Dietlikon Jets (SUI)
13:30 W: Täby FC (SWE) – Vitkovice (CZE)
16:30 M: Storvreta (SWE) – Vitkovice (CZE)
19:30 M: Classic (FIN) – SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI)

Sunday January 12th
10:00 W 3rd place
13:00 M 3rd place
16:00 W final
19:00 M final

Results are statistics are found on the official CC 2020 website!

CC Tickets

Tickets to the CC 2020 played in the RT Torax Arena in Ostrava can be bought from here!

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CC 2020 Mobile App
The IFF Events Mobile App for the Floorball Champions Cup 2020 is now available. Get all the CC results, stats and YouTube live matches directly to your device! IFF Events App is available in App Store & Google Play!

CC 2020 TV, YouTube & Photos
All matches are streamed live on the IFF YouTube channel. In addition, Czech TV will show the Storvreta – Vitkovice match and the Men’s final. The Finnish lottery company, Veikkaus-TV, will show both Finnish teams’ semi-finals and all four matches on Sunday.

CC 2020 photos are available on IFF flickr (photo credit to: Photographer/IFF CC)

CC 2020 website & social media channels
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CC Facebook IFF Facebook
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CC hashtags: #floorball #floorballcc

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