The first ever 3v3 World Floorball Championships took place in Lahti, Finland from 11th — 12th May 2024. Next edition is scheduled for 2025 and now is a good chance to provide feedback on the first edition. The survey will close on 30th June 2024.


Dear Floorball Friends,

After the successful first 3v3 World Championships we are already looking ahead to next year’s event which will be held in Switzerland in conjunction with the Men’s U19 WFC 2025.

Although we are very pleased with how the first event went, we are sure that there are things that can be done better or differently and this is where we need, and want, your help. We want to hear from the National Associations, players, coaches, spectators, organisers, and volunteers. We are sure that every one of you will have something useful to tell us. We look forward to receiving your feedback so that the 3v3 WFC in 2025 can be even better!

The survey should take 5-10mins to complete. Please forward this survey link / QR code to everyone who was involved from your association &/or team:

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