Floorball is constantly growing and one of its helpers in Colombia is Mr. Osneider Ortega Montenegro who has organised floorball sessions for children.

On the 28th of April an introductory course was arranged for some 40 sports teachers in the university of La Guajira in the city of Riohacha in northern Colombia. Among the participating sports teachers was also Mr. Osneider Ortega Montenegro, who studies to become a sports teacher.
Mr Osneider had already taken part in the floorball seminars that Per Emion held in Bucaramanga, Colombia in the fall of 2015. Osneider immediately became very interested and basically with limited funds he has organised groups of children that train and play floorball each week. The activities are held during four evenings every week and there are four different groups playing.

– When I arrive on my small motorcycle to the villages to hold the sessions, there are lot of kids who want to join, says Mr. Montenegro

He has made floorball blades out of the chair backs and chair legs of thrown away chairs. By replacing the metal pin from the backrest and with few screws he has been able to make sticks that work!

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