The Bulgarian Floorball Federation has received an official court decision of its foundation and the BFF office has been established in Sofia. During the first Board meeting in the end of November Ms. Tatjana Dimitrieska was elected as the Executive Director of BFF.

The Board members of BFF are:

Mr. Valentin Velev, Miss. Tatjana Dimitrieska, Mr. Boncio Zlatev, Mr. Antonio Antonov.

Mr. Boncio Zlatev, President of BFF, is a construction engineer and has his own business in Bulgaria. He loves sports and wants to contribute to develop floorball in Bulgaria.
Ms. Tatjana Dimitrieska is the Executive Director of BFF. She is Master of Sports and works in the National Sports Academy as a lecturer for floorball.
Mr. Antonio Antonov is member of the board. He is Associate Professor at the National Sports Academy and he was the initiator to form Floorball Federation in Bulgaria.
Mr. Valentin Velev is board member. He is Associate Professor at the Minebiological Faculty. He is very interested in floorball and wants to contribute to develop this sport in Bulgaria.


First national tournament in February 2010

Currently there are five Floorball clubs in Bulgaria: FC”NSA”, FC”MGU”,  FC”Meckite”, FC”NGS” and FC”Dunav”. These clubs will play in the championships and tournaments in 2010 in age groups- boys and girls U12, boys and girls U16, men and women.

The firs national tournament will be organised on the 13th of February 2010 in Sofia. Floorball has also been introduced in the National Academy for Sport and there are ongoing negotiations with some of the schools in order to implement Floorball into the sport classes.

Source: Bulgarian Floorball Federation

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