Three different teams made their first ever appearance in an Adult´s World Floorball Championship, during the first day of the C-division in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition one new referee couple from the Netherlands made their debut in official IFF events.

In the opening match in group A, Liechtenstein gave the favourite Australia a good match, but still it did not take them all the way. It took a while before the “Ozzies” got the hang of it, and then the spectators of the live stream could see Australia take the victory in Liechtenstein’s first appearance in a Major Event by 8-4.

The second match between Canada and France clearly showed the fast development of Floorball. It looked like a number of the B-division teams might have a hard time with these two teams. The teams played tough, but fair and with a lot of speed and a high technical level. France did not have the strength to resist the repeated fast counterattacks made by the Canadians, who won the match with clear numbers 12-3. The Dutch referee couple had a challenging first WFC match to referee, but  performed well.

Georgia made it to this tournament, but with a very thin roster, with only 10 players and the Spanish showed clearly how Floorball is being played, by crushing Georgia with 23-1 in their first Adult WFC match.

The third newcomer of the day Serbia, fought well and showed that Floorball is also being played in the Balkans, but the strong Slovak home team, supported by a frantic full house gave a clear storm warning by beating the Serbs with 16 – 1

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