Togo Floorball

Association founded: 2018
IFF member since: 2019
Member of Togolese Sports Commission since: 2018
Member of National Olympic Committee since: in process



Association Club les Pionniers du Floorball du Togo (CPiF-TOGO)
S/C Esso-Wazina COZI ADOM,
BP 336 Lomé-TOGO
Phone: +228 90 22 48 88 / 96 92 59 66

Email: cpiftogo(at)


President: Dr Cozi Adom Esso-Wazina (coziadom(at)
Vice President: Issifou Aboudoumizamilou (issifoudre(at)
Conseiller Technique: Esso Latif (essolatif607(at)
Secretary General: Konou Kokou Elom (juloms09(at)
Secretary General Adjoint: Mombidja Pakindamba (pakindamb(at)
Tressurer: Koura Daro Ouwamirou (presidarokoura(at)
Tressurer General Adjoint: TchagbaMousbao (moustcha(at)
Media contact: Tchagodomou Gafarou (tchaggafar(at)

Number of licensed players

Total: 70
Men: 53
Women: 17
Men Under 19: –
Women Under 19: –
Number of Floorball Clubs: 6


Latest IFF event participation

Not yet participated to IFF events

Upcoming events

No events

IFF events organised by the association

Not yet organised any IFF events


Women's WFC 2023 starts in.....