Powerchair Hockey (Floorball) is a sport for people in motorised wheelchairs. IPCH is played on an area approximately the size of a basketball court with a surrounding barrier. The barrier is used during play to rebound the ball.

PCH belongs to the sport section of the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation, IWAS, and ICPH is the International head organisation of floorball/hockey played with electric wheelchairs.

Five players are on the court at any one time but a team may have two or three substitute players. A team should have two players with ’T – Sticks‘ (a T shaped stick attached to the wheelchair itself) but at least one must be the goalie.

More information about IPCH from www.powerchairhockey.org


IPCH Materials

Rules of the game
The rules of the game can be downloaded from the IPCH website http://powerchairhockey.org/general-regulations/

Video clips
Watch IPCH action from the IFF Youtube channel.