Manual Wheelchair Floorball is played almost with the same rules as floorball, five versus five plus goalkeepers.

The International Committee Wheelchair Floorball (ICWF) was established in 2012 with the aim to spread and develop the sport further.

For more information about Manual Wheelchair Floorball contact ICWF Office: office(at) or join ICWF on

Manual wheelchair Floorball was played for the first time in the ParaGames 2011 played in Breda, the Netherlands. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) officially certified ParaGamesBreda (PGB). The Paragames is a multi-sport event for disabled players and 3000 sportsmen and women from close to 25 different sports and 40 countries participated in the event.


Manual Wheelchair Floorball Materials

Video clips: Watch Manual Wheelchair Floorball action from the IFF Youtube channel.
Photos: Manual Wheelchair Floorball photos on IFF Flickr