IFF Way of Refereeing Playbook, VOL 3.

The IFF Referee Committee has launched an IFF Way of Refereeing Playbook, which was taken to use for the first time from the 1st of July 2018 on. The Playbook is mainly concentrating on unifying the referee procedures in International events and games.

The reason for the Playbook is that there have been so many different ways to referee the games in the IFF member associations and it has turned out to be clear that a mutual, an IFF Way, needs to be taken in use. A working group was founded for the development of the Playbook and the first version was updated during an observer´s seminar, which was carried out during the Men´s WFC 2016 in Riga in Latvia. The second edition is now ready and has been published. The steering group will update the Playbook annually based on the experiences collected from the teams ad from the referees.

The updated version number 3 has now been published and is valid from the 1st of July 2019 on. There are some small updates made and some definitions to the educational rule interpretations have been updated as well.

Related to the Playbook, the IFF has decided to create a “video library”, where some actual clips of different kind of offence situations can be found. The first stage is to concentrate on basic issues such as face-off, movements and positioning during the game and then physical misconducts, which have been an increasing problem in Floorball during the past few years.

The IFF way of Refereeing Playbook can be downloaded from Here.

The link to the “Video Library” is Here