Medical Committee (MC)



Dr. Walter O. Frey, Switzerland
E-mail: walterofrey(at)




Vice Chair:


Dr. Tiina Nylander, Finland
E-mail: tiina.nylander(at)






Dr. Lars Erik Bartels, Denmark
E-mail: lebartels(at)




Dr. Patricia Wallace, Australia
E-mail: patriciawallace(at)



Dr. Jonathan J. Koo, Canada
E-mail: jonathan.koo(at)





James Varecka (IFF)


The main tasks of the IFF Medical Committee members:

  1. Act as the IFF TUE Committee, responsible for granting TUEs
  2. Act as experts as the IFF is drawing up its Test Distribution Plan
  3. Act as experts in questions related to Doping Control and Results Management
  4. Act as experts for the athletes participating in the IFF events concerning medication and the Prohibited List
  5. Act as experts concerning the Anti-doping information and education provided by the IFF to the Member Associations and on the IFF website
  6. Participate in the Medical Committee meetings and decide upon the IFF´s Anti-doping activities
  7. Plan and distribute valid investigations concerning athletes health and sport injuries