Swiss Floorball Association

Association founded: 1985
IFF member since: 1986 (IFF founded)
Member of National Sport Authority: Yes
Member of National Olympic Committee: Yes

Website: Facebook Page


Association Contacts

Swiss Floorball Association
(Schweizerischer Unihockey Verband)
Haus des Sports
Talgut-Zentrum 27
CH-3063 Ittigen BE

Phone +41-31 330 24 44
Fax +41-31 330 24 49

E-mail: info(at)


President: Mr. Daniel Bareiss daniel.bareiss(at)
Vice President: Mr. Jörg Beer
Secretary General: Mr. Michael Zoss michael.zoss(at)
Transfer contact: Ms. Fabienne Reusser fabienne.reusser(at)
Anti-doping contact: Mr. Reto Balmer reto.balmer(at)
Referee contact: Mr. Thomas Erhard thomas.erhard(at)
National team contact: Mr. Remo Manser remo.manser(at)
Media contact: Mrs. Marion Kaufmann marion.kaufmann(at)
Education/Development: Mr. Pascal Haab pascal.haab(at)
ParaFloorball: Mr. Reto Balmer reto.balmer(at)
Special Olympics: Mr. Bruno Barth barth(at)


Number of licensed players

Total: 33 523
Men: 11 753
Women: 3 488
Men Under 19: 15 124
Women Under 19: 3 158
Number of Floorball Clubs: 395



Women: WFC 2019 – 2nd
Men: WFC 2018 – 3rd
Women U19: WFC 2018 – 5th
Men U19: WFC 2019 – 4th



2022 Men’s World Championships (Zurich)
2021 Champions Cup (tba)
2019 Women’s World Championships (Neuchatel)
2018 Women’s U19 World Championships (St. Gallen & Herisau)
2014 Champions Cup (Zurich)
2012 Men’s World Championships (Bern & Zurich)
2011 Women’s World Championships (St. Gallen)
2009 EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications (Langnau & Winterthur)
2008 EuroFloorball Cup (Winterthur)
2007 Men’s U19 World Championships (Kirchberg & Zuchwil)
2004/05 European Cup (Adliswil & Zurich)
2004 Men’s World Championships (Kloten & Zurich)
2003 Women’s World Championships (Bern, Gümligen & Wünnewil)
1999 European Cup (Bern, Sarnen, Winterthur & Zuchwil)
1995 Open European Championships (Aarau, Adliswil, Jona, Gümligen, Sursee & Zurich)


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