Q: We don’t want to organise an official event, we just want to have a practice match against another country. Is this okay?
A: Definitely NOT. There is no such thing as practice matches between two national teams. Every time that national teams play against each other it is considered to be a Friendly International match and must follow all of the IFF regulations


Q: Can we request an international match even if we have missed the 60 day deadline?
A: Yes. Late applications will be considered but there will be a late fee given for the application.


Q: Can internationals be played outside of the IFF Internationals weekend dates?
A: Yes, however, clubs cannot be forced to release their players for participation in internationals outside of the designated IFF internationals weekends


Q: Who pays for the referees for international matches?
All referee costs for international matches are the responsibility of the organiser, however, they may negotiate with all of the participating teams to share the referee costs (as well as other event costs)


Q: Can referees whistle an international match that involves their own country?
A: Yes, but only with the agreement of both participating teams and the approval of the IFF Referee Committee


Q: For international matches can a team have more than 20 players?
A: There is no limit to how many players & officials can be included on a team list for international matches BUT there can only ever be a maximum of 20 players and 5 officials named on the match record, and therefore in the substitution zone, for any one match


Q: What if both teams agree that it is okay to use more than 20 players?
A: It is not okay. It is against the IFF Competition Regulations and can be punished according to the IFF Juridical Regulations


Q: Can we add players after the tournament has started?
A: No. Players cannot be added to the team list after 16:00 CET on the day prior to the event. Only those players who were on the team list that was submitted can be used


Q: Can we change a player’s number during the event?
A: Yes. The match secretariat can do this at anytime during the event. Just inform them when you hand in your team list before the game


If you have any other questions regarding international matches please feel free to contact the IFF Competition department

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