Designing Programmes for Girls

Programmes that serve girls most effectively are those that emphasize girls‘ wellness over winning. Sport is inherently a competitive space and girls can benefit greatly from learning how to compete, how to win and how to lose. However…a successful sport programme should strengthen girls on and off of the field; growth and development of an adolescent girl is always more important than winning or losing.

This guide helps you determine the best practices for designing programmes specifically for girls.

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NOTE: The material in this guide is sourced directly from Women Win: International Guide to Designing Sport Programmes for Girls. The full, original document can be downloaded Here.


Financing New Programmes

The facts show that the majority of sponsorship dollars for sport unfortunately goes to men‘s sport, so when designing new programs for girls & women you might need to look for new ways to fund these projects – not just the regular avenues of government funding or money from corporate sponsors.

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