China Floorball Union

Association founded: 2016
IFF member since: 2019
Member of National Sports Authority: –
Member of National Olympic Committee: –

Website: www.chinafloorball.orgFacebook Page

Association Contacts

China Floorball Union (CFU)
Ti Yu Guan Road Number 2
Chinese Hockey Association
Dong Cheng District
Beijing 100763

President: Mr. Liu Dong Wei liu.dw(at)
Vice President: Mr. Yuan Yong yuan.y(at)
Secretary General: Mr. Liu Dong Wei liu.dw(at)
Education and Development: Ms. Jin Yan jin.y(at)
Media contact: Ms. Fu Jing info(at)
National team contact: Mr. Yuan Yong yuan.y(at)
Referee contact: Mr. Guo Xueqi info(at)
Anti-Doping contact: Mr. Liu Zhipeng info(at)
Transfer contact: info(at)
ParaFloorball contact: info(at)



Number of licensed players

Total: 800
Men: 300
Women: 100
Men Under 19: 300
Women Under 19: 100
Number of Floorball Clubs: 100


Latest IFF event participation

Women: WFC 2017 – 30th
Men: WFC 2018 – 33rd
Women U19: WFC – n/a
Men U19: WFC – n/a


IFF events organised by the association

Not yet organized any IFF events


China Floorball News