China Floorball Federation

Association founded: 2016
IFF member since: 2016
Member of National Sports Authority: –
Member of National Olympic Committee: –



Association Contacts

China Floorball
c/o China Harbin Floorball Federation
No 200 Huanghe Road,
HuaQi Sport  Stadium and Convention Center,
Nangang District,Harbin City,
Heilongjiang Province,

Phone : +868 227 3667

E-mail: info(at)


President: Mr. Zhang Xian You info(at)
Vice President: Mr. Shao Yun Sheng y.s.shao(at)
Vice President: Ms. Zhang Jing
Vice President: Mr. Ching Sy Jeng
Vice President: Mr. Cui Zhonglei
Vice President: Mr. Shao Guojun
Secretary General: Ms. Diana Zhang Jing info(at)
Deputy Secretary General: Ms. Sun Shiqi
Deputy Secretary General: Ms. Cui Linna
Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Wang Zhaowei
Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Sun Deyi
Deputy Secretary General: Ms. Xu Xiaoyan
Education and Development: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)
Info/Web contact: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)
National team contact: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)
Referee contact: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)
Anti-Doping contact: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)
Transfer contact: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)
ParaFloorball contact: Ms. Zhou Mi (Stefanie) info(at)



Number of licensed players

Total: 800
Men: 300
Women: 100
Men Under 19: 300
Women Under 19: 100
Number of Floorball Clubs: 100


Latest IFF event participation

Women: WFC 2017 – 30th
Men: WFC 2018 – 33rd
Women U19: WFC – n/a
Men U19: WFC – n/a


IFF events organised by the association

Not yet organized any IFF events


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