Burkina Faso Floorball Association

Association founded: November 2022
IFF member since: 2018, re-organised in 2023
Member of National Sports Authority: –
Member of National Olympic Committee: –



Association Contacts

Mr. Ali Bachenon
E-mail: bigbashmk(at)gmail.com

President: Mr. Ali Bachenon bigbashmk(at)gmail.com
Vice President:
Secretary General: Ms. Katelyn Buisman katelynjbuisman(at)gmail.com
Transfer contact: Mr. Göran Björkdahl goranbjorkdahl(at)yahoo.co.uk
Anti-doping contact: Mr. Göran Björkdahl goranbjorkdahl(at)yahoo.co.uk
Referee contact: Mr. Adama Badolo adamabadolo88(at)gmail.com
National team contact: Mr. Joel Tiemtore tjoelm2004(at)yahoo.fr
Info/Web contact:


Number of licensed players

Total: 1200
Men: 400
Women: 200
Men Under 19: 400
Women Under 19: 200
Number of Floorball Clubs: 13


Latest IFF event participation

Not yet participated to IFF events

Upcoming events

No events


IFF events organised by the association

Not yet organised any IFF events


Men's WFC 2024....