Members of the IFF Athletes’ Commission will be writing monthly blog posts on the IFF website. The former Polish national team captain and the ATC Chair, Agata Plechan, highlights the importance of taking part in the decision making by providing player’s perspective.

Being a floorball player is not just about mastering skills on the field; it’s a commitment for continuous improvement, both as an athlete and as an individual. Often, players are deeply engaged in their training, focused on winning, and may not fully comprehend the decisions made behind the scenes of the floorball world.

For me, the journey began with a strong desire to be part of the IFF Athletes’ Commission. This marked the beginning of my transition from being an active player myself to being an athlete on the other side of the table – one who loves the sport and seeks to influence and understand the “why” and “what” of decision-making.

When the opportunity arose to become the chair of the Athletes’ Commission, I didn’t hesitate, despite being aware of the challenges that would come with the role. Joining the IFF Central Board added another layer of complexity as this adventure unfolded during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic. Picture a scene reminiscent of confused Travolta entering a room in Pulp Fiction, trust me – that was me in the world of Central Board online meetings. Luckily, we eventually started having face-to-face meetings, which helped me learn a lot. We meet in person six times a year, one of the meetings is always in connection with the Adult WFC. These meetings gave me a deep understanding of what happens behind the scenes in floorball. There are aspects that players often miss, and many of these are linked to the need for adapting to the changing global reality. As a sport, we must grow, capture the attention of the youth, and consistently deliver top-level events.

The most memorable discussions are always those when you speak up and you know this will be uncomfortable and some people would not be pleased with what you have to say. That’s when you feel good. One concrete example was when the Athletes’ Commission published a statement on International Weekends and how national associations should respect the International Calendar. It was also memorable to hold a 15-minute speech in the recent Associations’ Meeting about how important it would be for national associations to establish an Athletes’ Commission within their association. The circumstances and surroundings were special in that occasion.

Being a member of the ATC and IFF CB, it’s a commitment that demands dedicating free time, a challenge in the life of a floorball player juggling a full-time job and a passion for global travel. Stepping back from the national team has afforded me more time to focus and understand the complexities behind the scenes of the floorball field. What skills do you need in this role? I would say the understanding of the bigger picture and curiosity, but of course good planning skills to arrange and follow up on meetings and the ideas Athletes’ Commission has – and keeping everyone on the ATC accountable.

I encourage every athlete to seize opportunities like this. It’s enlightening to experience events from a different standpoint and gain a deeper understanding of the future development, challenges, and opportunities in floorball.


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