Tiffany Gerber reached the milestone of 57 international matches during 2023 World Floorball Championships and the event in Singapore was already her 9th WFC final round. USA finished 14th in the event and the Team will be playing for the spot in The World Games 2025 in a separate qualification event next year.


You are the only player who has played in the World Championships in Singapore in 2005 and now you’re back in Singapore representing Team USA. How is it like to be back here for this event?

— It’s great to be back. If someone would have told me 18 years ago, that I will come play here again, I would have laughed at them. That I’m the only one left from 2005 makes me proud.

What is different compared to 2005?

— In 2005 we were only 12 field players and 1 goalie. We didn’t come prepared at all – had no idea what to expect. This time we knew exactly what is awaiting us here… especially the climate. Our staff prepared us in the best way possible.

— The event itself is a bit disappointing. 18 years ago this was a floorball festival… with sooo many spectators. In all my years of playing there have never been so little people watching our games.

Gerber was awarded for 55 international games in the match against Denmark. Photo by Ashok Kumar


You have played in nine WFC final rounds now. How has the team changed during these years?

— I have seen many players coming and going. The main thing that has changed is that floorball has developed nicely in the United States over the last years. Finally we have a pool of players to form a team of.

What has been the most special WFC for you?

— This one was the most special one for me. We had the greatest team spirit and staff. The whole trip was just perfect and I could enjoy every moment of it.

Women’s teams will be participate in The World Games floorball event for the first time and you have the American Qualification event planned for August next year. Your thoughts/expectations on TWG 2025 and possibly qualifying there with your team? 

— We have a plan and we are very inspired of this tournament and are excited to compete against Canada for this special event.

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