WFC 2023 Power Rankings Day 7 Edition

Ranking all the teams every 2 days of the tournament in Singapore this year. It’s not just a boring numbered list, it’s the *not to be taken seriously* IFF Power Rankings!

Check out the list below to find out where we stand after the completion of the group stages from the 2023 Women’s World Championships with all 16 teams!


  1.  Sweden Semifinals achieved. And a free trip to Chengdu as a prize!
  2. Finland Turunen was just having a nap, she’ll be back.
  3. Czech Republic Denmark? Ok we’ll be sure to not step on any Lego.
  4. Switzerland We made SURE our fans could bring cowbells
  5. Slovakia  – Sending Domi (Schnetzer) over to the Swiss bench for powerbreak “information”
  6. Denmark  – And you all doubted us???
  7. Poland  – Our trip to the World Games is still on the cards
  8. Latvia  – Vote for Ankudinova for goal of the day pls
  9. Japan  – Join us for our warmup routine. No signup required!
  10. Germany Matches like a rollercoaster, we’re not getting off.
  11. Singapore  – Singapore state of mind
  12. Norway Can we just forget about this tournament already?
  13. Estonia Ormak as good at tunnel photoshoots as saving shots
  14. USA  – Still the best North American team. Suck it Canada.
  15. France Finally a win on the Meneust!
  16. Australia We prefer playing in Europe anyway…


*WFC 2023 Power rankings are a fun, non serious look at all the teams competing in Singapore this December. They are for the enjoyment of the fans and in no way reflect the actual World Rankings or Tournament Standings.

Inspired by the IIHF’s Power Rankings.

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