The semi-finals have been completed on the women’s side and now it is time for the men’s semi-finals. 

Men’s semi-finals will start on Wednesday 22nd November and finish on  Saturday 2nd December. IBF Falun will meet Storvreta IBK and SV Wiler-Ersigen will take on Tatran Střešovice. Similar to quarter-finals the teams play two games each in a home and away format. The best two teams will continue to the Champions Cup 2024 final which is played in January 2024.


22nd November 18:30 Storvreta IBK vs IBF Falun
26th November 18:00 SV Wiler-Ersigen vs Tatran Střešovice
29th November 19:00 IBF Falun vs Storvreta IBK
2nd December 17:00 Tatran Střešovice vs SV Wiler-Ersigen

*all times are local

All matches are shown live on the IFF App. Prices are 6,99 €/match and 24,99 € for the event package. Match highlights are available for free.

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