The Northern Conference quarter-finals have now been played in the 2024 Floorball Champions Cup. Pixbo IBK, Thorengruppen IBK, Storvreta IBK and IBF Falun continue to the semi-finals.


Women’s Champions Cup results

TPS v Pixbo

TPS hosted Pixbo IBK in Kupittaa and brought joy to the home audience by scoring the first goal. Emilia Pietilä, one of the best defenders of the Finnish F-liiga, had to miss the first game against Pixbo but got a strong start to this second quarter-final by scoring. Few minutes later Emma Stenberg (the top scorer from the previous game) equalised. Ella Zetterstedt, Klara Loneberg and Eliska Krupnova scored one each and by the end of the first period the “Foxes” were in a 4-1 lead. The period break was helpful for TPS as they got the game back in their control. First Anna Marttala and then captain Jenna Saario scored and Saario equalised. 4-4 meant for an exciting third period which ended up being great for the Swedish club. Three goals for Pixbo and it was 7-4. TPS took a timeout and goalkeeper Noora Vuorela left the goal but it did not result in goals for the hosts but for Pixbo. Pixbo scored two more in an empty net and took home the second win and a spot in the semi-finals.

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Photo by Anssi Koskinen


Thorengruppen IBK v Classic

Thorengruppen beat Classic 9-4 in the first game and the Finnish team was looking for a re-match at Thoren Arena. First period was rather even. Veera Vilenius started the scoring for Classic but Sofia Joelsson equalised fast. Thorengruppen then took a 2-1 lead but Suvi Hämäläinen equalised with a nice solo goal. Maja Viström scored just before the period break and it was 3-2 for Thorengruppen. Regardless of a good start, Classic were in trouble in the next two periods. Swedish champions scored three goals in the second period and six more in the last. Mathilda Ekenlinde (1+3), Sofia Joelsson (2+1), Amanda Delgado Johansson (2+1) and Wilma Selin (2+0) were the most efficient players for Thorengruppen. Final score 12-2 and Thorengruppen IBK will play in the the semi-finals.

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Photo by Tomas Brandt


Men’s Champions Cup results

Storvreta v Classic

Classic won the first game at their home arena in Bläk Bok and a confident group travelled to Sweden for the second match. And they got a good start to the match. Although Simon Götz scored the first goal for Storvreta, they probably did not think that would be their only goal in the first two periods. Eemeli Salin evened the score in the second period, while Matias Vaajala and Alpo Laitila scored and made it 3-1. Classic got on powerplay in the end of the second period and Aaro Helin, the hero from the previous game, succeeded. Classic were leading 4-1 in the beginning of the third period and it looked like they might continue to the semi-finals. But Storvreta did not give up. Filip Eriksson and Sakarias Ulriksson scored one each and although Salin scored his second in the match, Storvreta’s logo was in the rest of the goals. Ondrej Nemecek made it 4-5 and Tobias Gustafsson equalised to 5-5. As Storvreta needed to win this game to take it to overtime, they did exactly what had to be done. Otto Weidman scored the winning 6-5 goal at 58:38. As per CC regulations, if the teams are equal on points (regardless of goal difference) after ordinary time of the last match in the stage, then extra time (10mins) shall be played. While Götz started the scoring, he also ended it: he scored the golden goal needed for the semi-final spot.

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TPS v IBF Falun

TPS suffered a big 12-5 loss against Falun in the first match but in Kupittaa, things were very different. Linus Holmgren scored during delayed penalty and took Falun in the lead but Lauri Eloluoto and TPS equalised quickly. The Latvian national team forward Peteris Trekse took TPS in a 2-1 lead but it did not take too long for Emil Nilsen and Falun to equalise. Tuomas Ojala scored one more in the first period and so TPS were leading 3-2. Waltteri Vesterinen scored the 4-2 goal on power play but Emil Lundmark made it 4-3. Emil Johansson equalised after 38 seconds into the third period and Lundmark scored his second in the game taking Falun in the lead. TPS got a chance to equalise when they were on power play but they could not utilise this chance. Malte Lundmark scored into empty net just one minute before the end. Final score 6-4 for Falun and they continue to the semi-finals.

Highlights, match replay and interviews available on the IFF App

#29 Emil Lundmark v #22 Peteris Trekse. Photo by Anssi Koskinen


Southern Conference quarter-finals in September

Champions Cup 2024 continues with Southern Conference quarter-finals. First match FbS Bohemians v SV Wiler-Ersigen takes place on Wednesday 13th September at UNYP Arena in Prague. More matches will be played on the weekend from 16th—17th September. Check the full match schedule here!


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