The IFF Event Disciplinary Function (EDF) has given a one match suspension to Suthasinee Phalaruk from Team Thailand. The suspension is in connection to an incident in the game against Philippines at the SEA Games 2023 on Friday 12th May.

The incident under review happened at 13:24 and was penalised by the referees with a 2+2 penalty for obstruction, but it was the opinion of the International Technical Official that Phalaruk should have received a match penalty for violent physical play, according to Rule 614:3 – When a player is guilty of violent physical play (909).  

According to the Rules of the Game 2022 (Rule 613:2):  Match penalty shall lead to suspension for the rest of the match and from the following match in the same competition and possible further punishment according to the conditions and routines set by the administrating authority.  In IFF events, the decision on any possible further punishment is taken by the IFF Event Disciplinary Function (EDF). At the SEA Games 2023, the EDF is comprised of members of the IFF Referee Committee, SEA Games International Technical Delegate, SEA Games International Technical Official, and IFF Administration.

It was the opinion of the EDF that Suthasinee Phalaruk made direct contact with her shoulder against the head of the Philippines player. The decision of the EDF was that Suthasinee Phalaruk should have been penalised with a Match Penalty, which is an automatic suspension from the next game. As a match penalty was not given during the match by the referees, the EDF decision was to give the equivalent penalty of a one match suspension.

In making their decision, the EDF reviewed the match video and the statement of the International Technical Official. No statement of appeal was submitted by the accused player. The final decision is that Suthasinee Phalaruk is suspended from her team’s next game in the competition, which is the match scheduled to be played on Saturday 13th May against Cambodia.

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