The U19 floorball world championships have started off with a bang, with fans already witnessing intense matches and some surprising results on the first day of the tournament.

In Group A, Norway displayed impressive skills and teamwork, securing a commanding 15-0 victory over Singapore. Meanwhile, Finland and Latvia engaged in a nail-biting match that ended with Finland emerging victorious with a close score of 3-2.

Group B saw Sweden dominate Slovakia with a staggering 19-2 win, while Germany suffered a tough loss to Switzerland with a score of 13-1.

In Group C, Denmark secured a safe victory against USA with a score of 14-1, while Austria delivered a surprise win over Estonia with a thrilling match that rolled back and forth until the final 10-7 score.

Finally, in Group D, Australia won an exciting match against Slovenia with a score of 13-7, and Czech Republic showcased their dominance against Poland with an impressive score of 18-2.

With such thrilling matches and exciting outcomes on the first day of the tournament, fans are eagerly anticipating what the rest of the championship has in store.

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