The following is a statement from the IFF in regards to recent comments and posts made online referencing referees.

The International Floorball Federation would like to take this opportunity to remind all participants, including athletes and officials, of the importance of respect. It is a core ethical principle. Referees, in particular, have a difficult and challenging task which deserves our respect and support, even when we disagree with them. Disrespectful or harassing comments made on social media harms not only the individual, but the entire sport of Floorball

We strive for #FairFloorball for all participants, referees included, and hope the game of Floorball can continue to be a safe and non hostile environment for all those involved in the sport. If you see hateful, harassing or abusive behaviour of any form either online or in person with regards to floorball report it immediately either to your federation or the IFF Ethics Commission via

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