While there is an urgent need to act across all parts of society, sports have an unique opportunity to address the nature crisis. IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) has been working with key partners on developing a Sports for Nature Framework to contribute to global efforts to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 by engaging with the sports community.

Urgent action is needed by all of society, including the sports community, to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity and the damage to the natural world on which we all depend to sustain our health and well-being, and provide clean air, fresh water and food. By protecting and restoring nature, sports organisations can play a vital role in climate mitigation and adaptation both in the outdoor and indoor environments where they play and through their enormous influence with the wider public. (IUCN)

The framework has one overall objective: to deliver transformative nature-positive action across sports by 2023 and beyond. It supports sport to make measurable contributions for nature and asks sports organisations to work towards four principles and linked goals that will help advance them in their nature journey.

The Sports for Nature principles are:

  1. Protect nature and avoid damage to natural habitats and species;
  2. Restore and regenerate nature wherever possible;
  3. Understand and reduces risks in your supply chains; and
  4. Educate and inspire positive action for nature across and beyond sport.

Customised guidance, tools and training will be available (by IUCN) to help sports organisations on their nature journey, including how to identify the risks and opportunities.

In early 2023 the IFF decided to also commit itself to the framework. As an indoor sport one might ask them-self what floorball can contribute? As defined in the principles, this is mainly connected to the supply chains of the IFF and the event organisers that it is working with. Further, educating and inspiring for positive action is a natural continuum to the FairFloorball initiative that encourages to a responsible and sustainable life-style.

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