The first IFF Central Board (CB) meeting of the year 2023 took place on the weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The IFF Central Board had a vast discussion on Saturday about the future of Floorball and if there would be actions taken in order to make Floorball even more tempting to new players and fans. The CB will prepare a questionnaire for the member associations and to other stakeholders regarding the topic. The CB also discussed about new possible playing formats for the WFC, meaning the structure of the tournament and the deviation of the groups in WFC. The IFF RACC will further investigate the topic.

3 vs 3 playing format was also discussed and the idea is to start international competitions in 3 vs 3. The IFF RACC will finalise the proposal of the rules and format of the competition.

New Member

The IFF Central Board approved Mexico as provisional member number 78. Welcome to the floorball family Mexico!




Champions Cup

The Champions Cup Steering Group had a meeting on the 10th of  November in Zurich and discussed the preparation of the Champions Cup Home & Away competition. In the aftermath of the CCSG meeting the stakeholders have now agreed on the dates for the Champions Cup Home & Away dates.

Men’s U19 WFC

Men’s U19 WFC 2023 will be played in Frederikshavn, Denmark. The schedule was published Monday 30th January after the European qualifications were played. The tournament takes place from the from the 26th to 30th of April.

Women’s WFCQ 2023

The WFCQs for EUR (Italy & Latvia) and AFOC (Thailand) 2023 were played 31.1-5.2 and that Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Norway, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Estonia and France has qualified. The WFCQ for Americas was finalised during the weekend and USA qualified from that tournament. Singapore as organiser is directly qualified.

WFCs 2026 and WFCs 2027

The bidding processes for the Men’s WFC 2026 and Women’s WFC 2027 have started and the proposals of the organiser will be taken to the next Central Board meeting in May 2023.

SEA Games

The upcoming Southeast Asian Games (SEA GAMES)  2023 in Cambodia, where Floorball is on the program, which will be played in May 11th -18th, 2023, in Phnom Penh Cambodia. The number of countries participating is still to be confirmed.

The four next hosts are decided by the SEAGF Council, that means 2023 in Cambodia, 2025 in Thailand, 2027 in Malaysia, 2029 in Singapore. The implication of this is that Floorball will after the Cambodia Games be in category 2 and will automatically be on the future program.



The minutes from the IFF CB meeting will be published soon here

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