In 2021, the IFF initiated a total 85 doping controls, which was according to the plans, despite of the fact that Covid-19 continued to effect the planned activities. There were no anti-doping rule violations in the IFF initiated tests.

– The number of doping controls was just a few tests less than originally planned despite that the continuing Covid-19 pandemic effected many of the planned events both on national and international level, IFF Anti-Doping Contact Anna Jacobson informs.

Out of these 85 IFF tests, 48 tests were conducted in the IFF Events (in-competition tests) and 37 were IFF out-of-competition tests including four samples analysed for ESAs (urine) and four samples analysed for GHRFs (urine).

Samples analysed for Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs, e.g. EPO) and Growth Hormone (GH)/Growth Hormone Releasing Factors (GHRFs) are on a 5 % level in floorball. This meets the requirements of the WADA Technical Document for Sport Specific Analysis (TDSSA). The objective of the TDSSA is to protect clean athletes by establishing Minimum Level Analysis for those prohibited substances that are at risk of abuse in particular sports. The 2021 WADA TDSSA is found here.

The IFF doping control statistics are found here.

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