With Lukas Pokorny and Petr Mudra, the ÖFBV (Austrian Floorball Federation) is now relying on Czech floorball know-how for the men’s national team. Both coaches have been working together for several years and can bring a long list of experience and success.

— We are very much looking forward to this edition and are convinced that we can make a difference in Austria. The 28th place in the world rankings cannot be the claim of the men’s national team. When we look at the games from the past and the league games, we see a lot of potential, says Lukas Pokorny. In the first phase, the coaching team will focus on tryouts.

— We to get an overview ourselves of what the situation is like in Austria. It does not make sense to line up only according to points lists and club affiliations. In many teams there are very often great workers who are extremely important for the team, but who are not to be found at the top of the points/scorer list. It does not matter in which league or with which club the player is active, everyone gets the chance to play their way into the team, added Pokorny.

— From February onwards, we will then try to set up the team for the next World Cup qualification in 2024 in such a way that it has a good chance of qualifying for the World Cup. When we do something, we do it 100%, we do not just come to Austria to ski, told Petr Mudra.

— I would like to thank ÖFBV for the trust they have placed in us. If there is a possibility, we would like to build a team where all aspects of floorball work. In our work, we always put the greatest emphasis on the physical and conditional readiness of the players, focusing on the needs of a modern floorball style. Speed, kick-off speed, dynamics, correct movement and motor skills. Furthermore, I put special emphasis on physical play and finishing strength. I believe that together with the active approach of the ÖFBV we can bring something new to Austria that will help the whole floorball organisationPetr Mudra continued.

Three additional questions by ÖFBV to Lukas Pokorny.
What plans do you and Petr have with the ÖFBV?
— We want to help create an environment where players can improve. This improved environment could help other coaches as well as the clubs. We also want to inspire the national team players to help Austrian floorball. We see them as multipliers of our work.

How can we improve the sport of floorball in Austria?
— First of all, we would like to survey the status quo. We have seen in videos that the players in Austria are physically very good. It was to be seen that there is also a lot of joy in the game. Now we have to find out if this is really the case based on the real results of the tryouts and take the next steps.

What will be the first things you have to do as new coaches?
First we have to define our expectations together with the players and the management. Then we are ready to create an activity plan. Now it’s too early to plan, we will find out everything after the tryouts.

Source: Austrian Floorball Federation, adapted by IFF

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