Latvia will make their debut at The World Games after finishing fifth at the World Floorball Championships in Helsinki. They will play in Group A with Sweden, Switzerland and Thailand. 

Morics Krumins has played in five Men’s World Floorball Championships with Latvia. He made his debut at the world stage back in 2012. A year earlier, he had represented Latvia at the U19 WFC. Krumins plays in Nokian KrP, in the Finnish F-liiga. The team battled against Classic in the finals but in the end, lost the final series 4-2. Latvia will host two WFC Qualifications events, starting next Wednesday in Valmiera (EUR1) and Koceni (EUR2). Latvia will play in Group B of EUR1 together with Denmark, Iceland and Ukraine.

Krumins has played in Finland for ten years now. He took the decision to move to Finland in order to develop his floorball skills and become a better floorball player.

— I started playing floorball when I was four years old and actually that’s because of my parents, they both played floorball and they were playing for the Latvian national team. So at the age of seven I started to play my first junior team and I played in Latvia until 19 when I was 19 years old and in 2012 I moved to Finland, I got this opportunity to go there and develop my game and just become better floorball player for the Latvian national team. So I decided to move a new country and I accepted this challenge and I have been living now here moment I’m playing for the Nokian KrP and we are one of the top teams in Finland.

Krumins has gathered some special moments while playing in the Latvian national team but also with Nokian KrP. Nokian KrP finished second last season, after losing the final to Classic. This was not yet included in the floorball highlights of Krumins but might be there if the interview was recorded later in the spring.

— A large highlight in my floorball life so far was if I’m talking about the national team then definitely it was the, my first world championship in Switzerland and in my memory I still have a 2014 championship in Sweden because you know that experience when you go in the opening game against home team Sweden and you are playing in arena where there is like over 10,000 people, that feeling is incredible, you mean I went on the field and I got the goose bumps and it was, it was such a good feeling and playing in such a crowded audience and definitely if I’m talking about my experience and highlights here in Finland then winning the bronze with the Nokian KrP in season 2017-18, that was one of the highlights also of my sport career but I do believe that there is many more to come.

Latvia finished fifth at the latest World Floroball Championships and their fifth place brought them the spot at The World Games. Latvia will make their debut at TWG floorball competition and Krumins is looking forward to this opportunity.

— The World Games is important for floorball because it’s a great opportunity for us to show that, show the sport for the bigger audience and also this is a great opportunity to take next step for us to go someday to the Olympic Games.  Floorball at The World Games is going to be amazing, something to remember because the best athletes are going to be there to promote the floorball and show how exciting this game actually is. 

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Road to The World Games is a series of interviews with floorball stars who are getting ready for the 2022 edition of TWG. The interviews are created by Adam Troy.

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