Thailand is the first Asian team to compete in floorball at The World Games. Alexander Rinefalk has represented Thailand in numerous events and he, as well as the whole team, is for sure excited to be part of TWG this summer.

Thailand qualified to TWG 2022 as they were the best Asian team at the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2020. Alexander Rinefalk has been one of the team’s key players during the past years. Rinefalk has represented Thailand in three Men’s World Floorball Championships and twice at SEA Games. Thailand won the Men’s SEA Games in 2019, an event hosted by the Philippines.

— A large highlight in my floorball career was when I got the chance to play in the Swedish Super League, to play against the best players in the world and to experience what it was like and other than that, also I would say the experience I’ve got playing for Thailand and to win the SEA Games 2019, that was a very big highlight of my career and that was very, very fun. 

Rinefalk plays in Sweden and represents IBF Örebro. But what is the status of floorball in Thailand?

— Floorball in Thailand is under development, it’s not very big sport in that region but I really hope it gets bigger and gets more recognition for how fun it actually is to play.

Thailand will play against Sweden, Switzerland and Latvia in Birmingham. Rinefalk is looking forward to the matches and also visiting USA for the very first time. He also thinks promoting floorball in a big country like USA is a good idea.

— The World Games is important for floorball because it’s a step towards the Olympics and you get a chance to promote the sport in a big country as the US. Floorball at TWG in Alabama is going to be very interesting first of all to experience America firsthand but also to face all the other good teams, to see kind of where we stand against the best. It’s gonna be my first time experience USA so it’s gonna be very cool, I’m looking forward to it.

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Road to The World Games is a series of interviews with floorball stars who are getting ready for the 2022 edition of TWG. The interviews are created by Adam Troy. 

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