The Czech Men’s U19 team is amongst the top 10 candidates who continue to compete for The World Games Athlete/Team of the Year 2021 title. The ten finalists will keep the votes earned during the first round. The voting ends on Monday 31st January 2022 at 14:00 CET. 

The Czech Men’s U19 gold team was on the 7th place after the first round. The team has received 13 046 votes (24th January 12:39 CET) and the voting continues for another week.

How to vote?

  • You can vote for your candidate once every 24 hours.
  • First, give two votes to your favourite candidate by clicking on their “Vote” button.
  • Then, to make your vote count, click on the “Vote” button of your second favourite candidate which will then receive one vote.
  • Vote HERE!
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