The 3rd National Floorball Championships of Burkina Faso took place from 24th – 26th September 2021 in, capital from Burkina Faso. This final tournament was organized by the Provisional National Floorball Committee in collaboration with the Floorball Center League, the Central West Floorball league and Special Olympics Burkina.

The launch date of the championships was on Saturday, 22nd May 2021 by the “Ligue du Centre”. Floorball is played in three regions: Ligue du Centre, Ligue du Centre-Ouest and Spécial Burkina. In each region there are five cities (Koudougou, Ouagadogou, Ziniare, Leo, Bousse) where the sport is played. There are seven different clubs in the biggest city Ouagadougou and those clubs have a total of 23 teams together. There are currently a total of 11 clubs with 31 teams in the whole country.

The championships 2021 was under the mandate from Mamadou Outtara, Deputy of the National Assembly and was played in four categories: Senior Men, Senior Women, Junior Boys (U17) and Junior Girls (U17).

SENIOR Women 2021

Place Club
1st Centre Omnisports de Komsilga
2nd ESI de Ziniaré
3rd Belle Ville F C
4th Boussé FC
5th ASKP


SENIOR Men 2021

Place Club
1st C.O Kadiogo
2nd FC Zinda
3rd Impact FC de Koudougou
Belle Ville F C
5th ESI Ziniaré FC
6th Boussé FC
7th FC de Koudougou
8th FC de LEO


JUNIOR Girls U17 2021

Place Club
2nd Rimkièta FC
3rd CO Komsilga


JUNIOR Boys U17 2021

Place Club
1st Rimkièta FC
2nd C.O de Kadiogo
3rd FC de Zinda
4th Belle Ville FC


The championships are organized first by region for qualifications. Only at the Grand Final Weekend the best teams from all the regions will meet to determine the national champions in the various categories. For the format of the game, it is played with four field players and one goalkeeper and the playing time is 2×20 minutes for seniors and 2×15 minutes for juniors. There are no mixed teams anymore but there are Inclusive Teams (5) from Special Olympics Burkina.

Source from Provisional National Floorball Committee

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