The Finnish Men’s F-liiga champion Classic started their new season in the club’s new home called “Bläk Boks”. The new arena will offer an improved experience to floorball people and create a high-quality event for the spectators on site. 

The floorball club Classic has a new home arena at Ideapark in Lempäälä. The new Bläk Boks was open for public for the first time on Sunday 19th of September, when Classic met Happee in the Men’s F-liiga season opener. The event was almost sold out with over 1,000 spectators on site who could celebrate the win of the home team. As a part of Ideapark Sport, the Bläk Boks will host both sport and culture events in the future.

Classic has a clear aim to create the world’s best floorball experience. In Bläk Boks, several opportunies of digitalisation are utilised. Due to the exceptional screen-, light-, and sound technic, the unique floorball experience can be created in almost black space, as the name suggests. The spectators can get up-to-date information of players’ activities during the match with the new Xampion -system. The total capacity of the arena for Classic’s matches is 1,200 spectators.

Photo by Esa Takalo


But what else can we learn about the new home of Classic? For this, we had some questions for the Executive Manager of Classic, Pasi Peltola.

How did it all start? Where did the idea for the new kind of floorball experience come from?

— The idea came from Classic – TPS match that was played at a mall in Singapore in 2017. After this came the need when I heard that the Tamprere Arena will be demolished.

What does Bläk Boks offer for floorball as a whole?

— New kind of viewer experience with digitalisation, Xampion, versatile VIP and hospitality services. The shopping mall (Ideapark) offers much broader experience than just the match with possibilities with shopping, karting, and restaurants. In addition, Classic has a fan store and own lounge with an office in Ideapark.

From the players’ perspective, the new arena has been perceived positively. The Classic player and Finnish national team forward Ville Lastikka described playing in Bläk Boks as follows:

— Everyone has been really excited of this new place where we play. The court feels great, it’s good to play on it. The spectators are quite close, the atmosphere is compact. It was really great to play here, Lastikka commented after Sunday’s match.

Bläk Boks and Ideapark will also host an international event in October. The Women’s and Women’s U19 Euro Floorball Tour will be played there from 15th-17th of October. The tickets can be found from

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