The next edition of the Rules of the Game which is valid from the 1st of July 2022 is ready to be distributed to the floorball world.

The process started early in 2020 when all National Associations could propose rule changes. A reference group consisting of representatives from the IFF office, the Rules and Competition Committee (RACC), the Athletes Commission, coaches and the IFF Rules Group then proposed to the IFF Central Board what proposals to test, to analyse further and possibly implement.

From there the Rules Group analysed the proposed changes, wrote new rule text and after a series of meetings and feedback rounds a new edition of the Rules of the Game started to form. The final decision was taken by the Central Board on the 5th of September 2021.

Editorial changes:
Gender neutral. The Rules of the Game are now gender neutral and the pronoun he is no longer used in the rules.
Glossary. A glossary of common floorball terms has been added. This is a change aimed at making the rules easier to understand for the ones who are new to floorball.
Structural changes. Changes in mainly Chapter 6 – Penalties. This change is to make the rules more logical structured and thus easier to read.


Notable rule changes:

2+2-minute bench penalty replaces the 5-minute bench penalty, and the terms minor and major penalty is introduced. 5-minute bench penalty is a penalty that often decides games in floorball. Because of this it is too rarely enforced. By somewhat lowering the effect of the penalty we hope that serious offences get punished correctly more often and that players over time adjust their play due to the higher risk of a major penalty.

New terminology regarding physical offences is introduced. The wording in the rules regarding physical offences were inconsistent and therefore difficult to understand and translate correctly. In the new rules the four keywords: careless, reckless, violent, and brutal are introduced, which corresponds to the four levels of penalties: minor, major, and two different match penalties.

Allowing a player to kick the ball more than once. A change that is a natural step after the removal of the foot pass in 2018 and will further improve game flow.

Resuming play with a free hit after a delayed penalty. One of the changes in 2018 was that play should resume with a free hit after a penalty had been awarded directly. Now this also applies to a delayed penalty. This change gives the non-offending team an advantage and speeds up play.


I’m very happy with the commitment from the National Associations and the working groups during the process with this new edition of the Rules of the Game and I like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. The goal of each edition is to develop floorball in a positive way on all levels and at the same time making the rules easier to understand. I think that this edition clearly meets that goal, states Martin Klabere, Chair of the RACC.

The Rules of the Game 2022 Edition will be sent out to all National Associations at the end of September.

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