Denmark extended unbeaten run with comfortable win against Italy. Nora Lelovics leads Hungary to the WFC Final round in 2022.

Denmark – Italy

Photo by Renee Kütisaar


The results of that game would not have changed the final standings as Italy no longer have a chance of progressing to the U19 WFC 2022 Final round, however, they had something to prove. Italy who had left much power in their previous match against Hungary, were struggling to get into the game. Denmark benefitted from their frequent defensive mistakes, Cecilie Wendell Crolly and Marinella Bengtsson Kristensen showed their fire power and it was Denmark who lead midway through the first half. Following a slow start, Roberta Olshov managed to respond at the beggining of the second period. It was 1-3 for Denmark, when they continued to dominate and went on to finish the second period leading by 5. Italy seemed to find the rythm when Roberta Olshov scored 2 more in the last period. However, the advantage from first half of the game was enough for Denmark to claim third win at the tournament. Final score 9-4.  All nine goals for Denmark were scored by nine different players. Best player awards went to Maya Amodeo (ITA) and Sille Larsen (DEN).


Estonia – Hungary

Photo by Renee Kütisaar


Calculations before this match were easy, a win means qualification for Women’s U19 WFC in New Zealand. The first period was quite even with only one goal from noone else but Nora Lelovics. Saskia Ormak who saved 13 had slightly more job than Anna Zsiboracs who was only 7 times in danger. It got from bad to worse for the Hosts when the second period started as Lelovics slap-shot ended in net. Estonia had their chances but were unlucky to score. Hungary had a great chance to extend their lead twice in power play but that did not happen. At this point Estonia needed a miracle to progress to the WFC Final round. And they just got one! Hanna-Liisa Oispuu knew what to do with the ball, when she scored from about 15 meters. Their happienes didn’t last long and it was 1-3 after Nora Lelovics got the ball. It looked to be a very tight battle in the last 20 minutes and it was. Kertu Pollisinski decided to take care of things and it started to look dangerous for Magyarország when Estonians scored and reduced the gap to 2-3. The game appeared to be getting away from the Hosts, when in the last minute Nora Lelovics scored her 13th goal in the tournament. Estonia pushed one more time and Hanna-Liisa Oispuu scored another one.  They had given everything, but today it was Lelovics who took Hungary to the WFC Final round scoring all 5 goals.


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