Welcome to the Men’s U19 WFC in Brno, Czech Republic and to the Women’s U19 WFC in Uppsala, Sweden!

I do hope that each and every one of you are safe, healthy, and well, this is the most important thing in these most surrealistic Covid-19 times. Finally, we are about to return to Floorball taking one step at a time. As the IFF President, I must thank you all deeply, players, officials, Member Associations, and the excellent IFF staff, for all your patience and efforts during the Covid-19 era. Hopefully we will be returning to Floorball soonest, but in a new way, things will not stay the same, change has come to stay, and many of you have adapted extraordinary well.

It is with pleasure and honour that the IFF welcomes the entire Floorball family to the two beautiful cities: Brno in Czech Republic and Uppsala in Sweden. Swedish Floorball and Czech Floorball are excellent and highly skilled partners in organising top Floorball events. With all the adapting and willingness from all parties to be flexible, it is awesome that 15 out of 16 teams will compete in Brno and as many as nine countries will compete in two groups in Uppsala.

We are in the process implementing the Strategy “Strengthening the foundations” for IFF for the period 2021-2032. The important work to reach the set targets has started. I am extremely happy to see that as many as 50 persons are taking part from as many as 25 countries worldwide to the four subgroups created, with the aim to reach the targets defined for the key performance indicators. We are working in four groups, the first group is the Awareness and Visibility, the second one is Development, Service Level and Expansion, the third one is the Governance, Sport Culture and Leadership, and the fourth one is the Sport presentation and Appearance. The first period we are working on is 2021- 2024. I wish all the members full success and fruitful work in implementing the Strategy “Strengthening the foundations”!

The IFF, with the participating teams, convey our gratitude to the city of Brno and to Czech Floorball as well as to the city of Uppsala and to Swedish Floorball Federation wishing you full success with the U19 WFC!

Tomas Eriksson IFF PresidentTomas Eriksson

IFF President

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