The Men’s U19 World Championships will take place from August 25 to August 29 in the Vodova Arenas in Brno, Czech Republic. 

It has been more than 18 months since any WFC. Now, the final preparations for the Men’s U19 WFC are under its way. As previously announced, the Men’s U19 WFC 2021 will be played with 15 teams due to Covid-19 pandemic. Belgium, Estonia, Slovenia and Hungary are playing in Group C.



The Belgian team consists of a mix of both more experienced and younger players, eager to compete against higher-ranked teams. Furthermore, they want to test and improve their skills and contribute in promoting floorball in Belgium and inspiring younger generations. Even if this is the first time for Belgium to participate at the Men’s U19 WFC, they are confident in acquiring some points against tough opponents.

Players to watch:

Ruben Vanrampelberg

A forward with good ballhandling skills, plays with lots of confidence and has a good view of the game.




Tim Mortier

A strong defender who plays with a lot of commitment and combines his good passing skills with a hard shot.




Viktor Muhrbeck

One of the most creative players, brings Swedish flair to the team.





Estonian men under 19 national team is young and players are mainly from the local league. Their goal is to go through to the final round.

Players to watch:

Anton Vepsa

A playmaker with smooth skills, very good two way player.




Chris Oja

Plays as a forward in Finland, skillful goal-hunter.




Margus Rosin

Defender who can take the ball to opponent’s side of the court and create a lot of dangerous situations.





Team Slovenia is rather a young and not-so-experienced team on the international level. Their aim is to win games in the preliminary group and qualify for the final round.

Players to watch:

Luka Podobnik

Captain of the team and the most complete player of team Slovenia.




Nejc Peklaj

Has an extraordinary feeling for the ball, playground and teammates.




Maj Oman

Shows great individual skills, already played for Men’s Slovenia.





The team is a great mix of experienced players and newcomers. The generation has changed a lot since the previous Men’s U19 WFC. The team has now a completely  new look. Their goal is to play close matches against each opponent and play for a higher IFF ranking.

Players to watch:

Dávid Fodor

Was a member of the previous U19 WFCQ, brings experience and leadership to the team. He has had productive seasons in Hungary and led the Hungarian Adults’ First Division in scoring points.




Levente Diószeghi

Has now been a member of the U19 team for 3 years, a defender who leads the defense and participates in the attacks as well. His speed and defensive awareness make it difficult to get past him.



Mihály Dragolovics

Has already proved himself in the Hungarian Adults’ First Division. As a goalkeeper he is a key piece of the defense. He also strengthened the national team at the previous U19 WFCQ, enthusiastic person.



  • The information here is provided by the teams and modified by the IFF. 

More information about the Men’s U19 WFC 2021 can be found here

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