The IFF Strategy Implementation Working Group (SWG) has held a 3rd meeting on the 23rd of June to discuss the formation and the process to start the work of the four Strategy Implementation Subgroups for the Initial period 2021-2024. IFF received a total of over 50 nominations from 25 countries.

The IFF General Assembly has in December 2020 approved the IFF Strategy 2021 -2032 – Strengthening the Foundations and the IFF CB has decided concerning the Implementation Plan for the Strategy, based on the proposal of the IFF Strategy Implementation Working group (SWG).

The concrete work to reach the set targets in the IFF Strategy will be handled by the Strategy Subgroups based on the different Key Performance Indicators defined in the Strategy. In the IFF Strategy 2021-2032, there are substantial number of Targets defined for the Key Performance Indicators. The time frame for reaching these targets have been divided into three phases, with the initial one for the period 2021-2024 and the other two for 2025-2028 and 2029-2032. The Strategy has defined what the IFF is striving to achieve, but now we must define what practical actions needs to be taken to reach the set targets.

Recently, the IFF CB decided to approve the forming of 4 subgroups:

  • Subgroup 1 – Awareness and Visibility
  • Subgroup 2 – Development, Service Level and Expansion
    • Organisational Development
    • Coaching & Refereeing Development
  • Subgroup 3 – Governance, Sport Culture and Leadership
  • Subgroup 4 – Sport presentation and Appearance

Find below the list with all participants of all subgroups (name, country, role)

Subgroup 1 – Awareness and Visibility
Mr. James Ogolla, Kenya, Member
Mr. Roman Urbář, Czech Republic, Marketing and Communication Director
Mr. Stefan Jonasson, Sweden, Head of Marketing
Mr. Jann Falett, Switzerland, Head of Marketing and Events, Chairman
Ms. Katarína Klapitová, Slovakia, Captain of Slovak National Team
Mr. Timo Lyytinen, Finland, Finland Board member
Mr. Fajar Hidayat, Indonesia, Coaching and refereeing education staff
Ms. Heidi Printzen, Denmark, Board member
Mrs. Rochel Joy Balares, Philippines, Media and Marketing
Mr. Giorgio Rambaldi, Italy President
Ms. Helén Wiklund-Wårell, Sweden, SWG representative
Mr. Pakkamol Siriwat, Thailand, IFF CB
Mrs. Merita Bruun, Finland, IFF Office
Mr. Tero Kalsta, Finland, IFF Office

Subgroup 2 – Development, Service Level and Expansion
Organisational Development
Mr. Anders Jonsson, Sweden, Head of Development
Mr. Steen Houman, Denmark, IFF CB
Mr. Michael Zoss, Switzerland, Secretary General of Swiss Federation
Mr. Filip Suman, Czech Republic, IFF vice president, Chairman
Mr. Nicolas Sanez, Belgium, Floorball Belgium president
Ms. Dorothee Vogelesang, Netherlands, Dutch Secretary General
Mr. Jean-Emmanuel Chapartegui, France, IT project director
Mr. Robert Bakaze, Uganda, Head of development
Mr. Kouenda Adama, Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso Federation president
Mr. Paul Maina Mwangi, Kenya, Kenya Floorball Federation president

Coaching & Refereeing Development
Mr. Carlos Lopez, Spain, IFF CB, Chairman
Mr. Miguel Peru, France, National Technical Director
Ms. Louise Khng, Singapore, Formal Head coach for Nat Women Team
Mr. Kelik Wibawa, Indonesia, National Team head coach
Mr. Juno Lee, Korea, IFF Athletes Commission
Mr. Linken Kao, Malaysia, member
Mr. Kevin Akosombo, Kenya, Secretary General of Floorball Kenya.
Mr. Antti Savolainen, Finland Referee Women’s National league/International
Ms. Kaarina Vuori, Finland, SWG representative
Mr. Veli Halonen, Finland, IFF Office

Subgroup 3 – Governance, Sport Culture and Leadership
Mr. Michal Buchel, Switzerland, CEO of International SAMBO Federation (FIAS)
Mr. Julian Rueger, Germany, National Team player
Ms. Lin Binbin, Singapore, Treasurer and Chair for Referee committee
Mr. Tomáš Frank, Czech Republic, Secretary General
Ms. Sofie Andersson, Sweden, Head of elite development and national teams
Mr. Victor de Bruin, Netherlands, Dutch Federation, Chairman
Mr. Jacob Bjørnsholm Madsen, Denmark, Vicepresident Floorball Denmark
Ms.Tuulikki Kangasluoma, Finland, Ex board member of the Finnish Federation
Mr. Peter Zingg, Switzerland, Board member
Mr. Julfikar Setiadi, Indonesia, Vice Secretary General of Floorball Indonesia
Mr. Stephen King, Australia, SWG Representative
Mr. Tamuz Hidir, Ukraine, IFF CB
Mr. John Liljelund, Finland, IFF Office

Subgroup 4 – Sport presentation and Appearance
Ms. Wendy Kuan, Singapore, General Manager
Mr. Peter Klapita, Slovakia, Coach and manager of FBK AS Trenčín,
Mr. Jan Jirovský, Czech Republic, Education and development director/RACC
Ms. Inez Rehn, Sweden, Head of equal activity, Chairwoman
Mr. Carsten Provstgaard, Denmark, Secretary general of Floorball Denmark
Mr. Juha Kivilehto, Finland, Player of the Finnish national team
Mr. Jörg Beer, Switzerland, Vice President
Mr. Yongky Priyanto, Indonesia, Head of Coaching and refereeing education
Mr. Sami Turtianinen, Finland, Floorball Material producer FatPipe
Mr. Teo Turay, Slovakia, SWG Representative
Mr. Martin Klabere, Sweden, IFF CB
Ms. Sarah Mitchell, Australia, IFF Office
Mr. Stefan Kratz, Sweden, IFF Office


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