As a long-time sponsor of the Swiss Floorball Association, CONCORDIA is now additionally committed to the Men’s World Floorball Championships (WFC) 2022 in Zurich and Winterthur. Thanks to this partnership, special activities can be carried out for children and families in and through the “CONCORDIA Family Club” prior to and during the WFC.  

CONCORDIA has been supporting floorball in Switzerland for several years now. With immediate effect, the local organisers can count on CONCORDIA as one of their main sponsors for the Men’s WFC 2022 in Zurich and Winterthur.

Thanks to CONCORDIA’s commitment, 20,000 schoolchildren can attend the WFC 2022 for free by public transport and experience the world’s greatest floorball event close up. With the creation of the CONCORDIA Family Cup, children can participate at the tournaments of the Street Floorball Tour together with their parents as a family. What child does not dream of walking into the stadium together with their sports idols? This dream will come true for many children when they accompany their floorball stars onto the playing field as CONCORDIA Youngsters.

These special activities and many more will be carried out under the motto “CONCORDIA Family Club” and will be available to families during the time leading up to the home WFC in 2022.

—We are very glad to be able to carry out this major event with strong national appeal together with Swiss Floorball Association. We look very much forward to the cooperation and are certainly crossing our fingers for the men’s national team already now, says Hansjörg Setz, management board member and Market Director of CONCORDIA.

Daniel Bareiss, President of Swiss Floorball Association, is very happy that a major sports event such as the WFC 2022 can also be a family event:

—The WFC 2022 should spark excitement for the floorball sport in young and old. Thanks to CONCORDIA’s commitment, we can offer children and families many unique experiences.

Further details on the CONCORDIA Family Club activities will be communicated regularly from now until the WFC 2022 on the social media channels and websites of both the WFC 2022 ( and CONCORDIA.

Source: WFC 2022 website

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