The Bern Capitals are the first Swiss sports club to join the UN Sports for Climate Action initiative. This also makes them the first floorball club in the world to become a signatory in this network of sports organisations, clubs and events. In Switzerland, only international associations based in the country, such as the FIS, have so far become members of this initiative.

— I congratulate the club for this historical decision and their open-minded approach on a big topic. We know from experience that it takes a lot of time and effort to gather information, create processes and especially to measure impacts. The work by the club is aligned with the IFF sustainability work and we wish the best of luck to Mario and his team!  Tero Kalsta, Sales Coordinator at the IFF comments.

By joining, the Bern Capitals want to increase their ambitions to inspire members, fans and others to tackle the most urgent problem of our time – climate change. Accession is to be seen as the starting point to follow up words with deeds. The club wants to measure, track and document their ecological footprint.

— With a sustainability programme, we want to influence processes and structures in order to reduce this footprint. Ecological aspects should flow into our decision-making processes. It starts with the selection of the equipment partner and ends with the compensation of unavoidable emissions, says Mario Teuscher, a member of the board and the newly appointed responsible for sustainability at Bern Capitals.

The Swiss club is proud to make their contribution to climate protection. The Bern Capitals want to secure future generations the possibility to enjoy nature and floorball.

Just recently the local organising committee of the World Floorball Championships (WFC) 2022  in Switzerland published their ambitious targets for environmental sustainability. The target is to decrease the CO2 footprint of the 2022 event by 56% in comparison to the WFC 2018 in Prague and compensate for the remaining emissions through myclimate offsetting projects.

Our environmental sustainability concept is a major part of the event. It is encouraging to see that also clubs are taking on the climate change challenge. We have discussed with the Capitals and will try to assist them as much as we can. Actually this has given us the impulse to brainstorm ideas how to develop concepts to support environmental sustainability initiatives from local clubs! I see this as a great way to allocate some of our designated sustainability funds, explains Daniel Kasser, the Managing Director of the WFC 2022


About UN Sports for Climate Action

UN Climate Change invites sports organizations and their stakeholders to join a new climate action for sport movement. This initiative aims at supporting and guiding sports actors in achieving global climate change goals.

Sports organizations can display climate leadership by engaging together in the climate neutrality journey. They can achieve this by taking responsibility for their climate footprint, which in turn will incentivize climate action beyond the sports sector, and therefore help global ambition step-up in the face of the threat posed by climate change.

Uniting behind a set of principles, sports organizations and their communities have created an initiative by collaborating in order to position their sector on the path of the low carbon economy that global leaders agreed on in Paris: Sports for Climate Action

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