According to IFF Member Association’s survey, the number of registered floorball players has dropped by seven percent between 2019 and 2020. Today, there are 350 688 licensed players across the 74 IFF Member Associations where 335 711 players are registered in top 30 ranked Member Associations. 

As expected, Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the IFF Member Associations statistics and lowered the overall floorball registered players number by seven percent. Among TOP 10 ranked countries, the biggest drop was noticed in Finland where the number showed decrease by 20% comparing to 2019.

Despite a general decrease of licensed players, some countries noticed growth. Canada, Ukraine, Thailand, Slovakia, Singapore, Norway, New Zealand, Belgium, Côte d’Ivoire and Germany saw growth in their numbers of registered floorball players. While Côte d’Ivoire registered the biggest rise, having 600 registered players comparing to 200 players in 2019.

Women’s floorball

Today, there are 74 330 registered female players across 74 nations within IFF Member Associations where 69 237 players are registered in the top 30 countries ranked by the IFF. However, 80 percent (55 535) of those players are from Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

Trends and Takeaways

  • Among the TOP 30 nations with an IFF ranked team, female registrations account for 22.25 percent of senior players. Among the IFF’s 44 other member nations, that percentage rises to 37.71.
  • Germany has the lowest ratio of female registrations (7,33%) among countries with women’s teams currently ranked inside of the IFF’s top 10. Estonia and Sweden are on top of this list with respectively 37,67% and 30,56%.
  • The number of floorball clubs reported by IFF Member Associations dropped to 4785 while in 2019 there were 4803 clubs.
  • There are roughly 2 231 000 recreational floorball players around the globe.

More data on the Member’s statistics can be found here.


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