Due to the global pandemic the organisers had to postpone the annual Singapore Floorball Open, which is the biggest floorball tournament in Asia. However, together with their partner Singapore Tourism Board, they could turn the negative situation into positive one by creating a global virtual floorball event. 

According to Izabela Loo, the response to the event was overwhelming.

– The response to the event was so overwhelming that we had to cap the LIVE participants. Due to the huge demand, we had to look for a solution to allow as many as possible to  participate in the 2020 Virtual event.

– From now on we will make the Virtual a recurrent event each December. It will be in conjunction with the yearly SG Floorball Open in Singapore in July.

2020 Virtual SG Floorball Open had participants from five different continents; Asia, Australia, North America, Africa and Europe and the participants came from a total of 16 different countries.

– Together with our partner Singapore Tourism Board we developed the ICONIC Singapore videos in conjunction with Dalen Moose, to give all floorballers an idea of how big floorball is becoming in Asia and Singapore. 

You can watch the videos here.

2020 Virtual event set up

The Structure for 2020 Virtual was a Coach conference and Development camp conducted over 4 days LIVE and 4-Day Behind The Scenes segment:

Coach conference – Advanced

The advanced segment was a 4-day seminar conducted by David Jansson, Head Coach of Switzerland Men’s National Team.

Coach conference – Development

The Development featured Coaches Corner, a 4-day seminar that was focused on the fundamentals of coaching.

Player Development – Open

The Open was a 4-day camp, conducted by world class players: Alexander Hedlund, Christoffer Andersson, Victor Nystedt with a goalkeeper guest appearance of Måns Tegner-Pärsjö. The camp was targeted to all players in Asia.

Player Development – Youth

The Youth was also a 4-day Youth development camp, conducted by the Dalen Moose Academy. This segment was targeted for youth players on all different levels.

Behind The Scenes

The Behind The Scenes segment was an idea developed together with Singapore Tourism Board and IBK Dalen who made it possible. Floorball has be halted in most of Asia, so the idea was to not only to see elite floorball, but also to get to see all aspects behind the scenes.

A long relationship with IBK Dalen

The SG Floorball Open relationship with IBK Dalen started during SG Floorball Open 2019 when IBK Dalen men’s and women’s teams participated in the event.

– IBK Dalen wanted to assist in developing floorball in Singapore and Asia. Thus, they merged with the oldest floorball club in Singapore, The Moose Floorball club to become IBK Dalen Moose. This is the first time an European and an Asian club have formally merged together.

IBK Dalen players and coaches will join Dalen Moose men’s and women’s teams and assist both on and off court with the club. They will also run the development in Dalen Moose Academy.

During SG Floorball Open there will be a try -out to join Dalen Moose Academy. That will will lead to opportunities to go and play for IBK Dalen in Sweden.

Interview withh Pakkamol Siriwat – The first Asian IFF Central Board member

Pakkamol Siriwat became the first Asian representative in the IFF Central Board last December. SG Floorball Open included an interview with Siriwat in their channels.

– We were fortunate to have an exclusive interview with the first Asian IFF Central Board member, Pakkamol Siriwat. Siriwat presented both her and the President for Asian Oceania Floorball Confederations and now Vice-President of the Asian Olympic Council, Dato Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat, visions for the development of floorball in Asia.

Miss Siriwat detailed in the interview some game changing developments. Floorball has been elected to the official charter of sports in the Asian Olympic Council. This means floorball will be taken in consideration for all Asian sporting events in the future.

More information on the SG Floorball Open

Full videos from 2020 Virtual SG Floorball Open available on YouTube

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