The floorball club Rungsted-Hørsholm in Denmark has launched a Covid-19 training challenge aimed especially for young players. 

– The training challenge means that all members (mostly youth) get a daily challenge, and then they need to post results to their coach, and there will be awards to the players. What we have noticed is that actually the player’s brothers and sisters also often participate, says Rungsted-Hørsholm chair Stephan Grey.

At the moment there are 13 short challenge videos published on the Rungsted-Hørsholm FK YouTube channel!

– Rungsted-Hørsholm is one of the biggest clubs in Denmark, and they have an approach of sharing ideas and good practice with others, so for Floorball Denmark, they are the good example of a well governed floorball club, Floorball Denmark’s President Steen Houman comments.

The current Covid-19 situation in Denmark means that all sports are on hold and all kids are home from school. The highest leagues for men and women have been allowed to continue their season, but the Danish Floorball Federation has decided to postpone the leagues until the beginning of March.


Source & more information:  Rungsted-HørsholmFloorball Denmark



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