A total of 48 IFF Member Associations attended the virtual IFF General Assembly (GA) on the 11th of December. During the 16th GA the IFF Central Board (CB) was elected and the new IFF Strategy was approved. In addition, the Appeal Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Ethics Commission and Auditor were elected and Singapore was announced as the organiser of the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2023.

The IFF President since 1996, Mr. Tomas Eriksson, was re-elected by the IFF GA and Mr. Eriksson looks forward to continuing his presidential duties for another four year period:

– The upcoming four years will be extremely important in many ways. Firstly, we will need to overcome the challenges set out by the pandemic to be able to get back on track. Secondly, we will need to focus on implementing the new ambitious IFF Strategy, and this process will be very essential in order for us to reach our strategic vision that “Floorball is the most inclusive team sport, played by over a million registered players on all continents”.

The IFF GA also approved the proposal to modify the IFF Statutes and increase the number of IFF CB members to have a broader representation in the IFF CB. The modified statutes proposal can be found here.


IFF General Assembly elections

IFF President 2021-2024

  • Mr. Tomas Eriksson, Sweden (re-election)

IFF Central Board members 2021-2024

  • Mr. Jörg Beer, Switzerland (re-election)
  • Ms. Monica Birdal, Norway (re-election)
  • Mr. Tamuz Hidir, Ukraine (new)
  • Mr. Steen Houman, Denmark (re-election)
  • Mr. Stephen King, Australia (re-election)
  • Mr. Martin Klabere, Sweden (re-election)
  • Mr. Carlos Lopez, Spain (re-election)
  • Ms. Pakkamol Siriwat, Thailand (new)
  • Mr. Filip Suman, Czech Republic (re-election)
  • Mrs. Kaarina Vuori, Finland (re-election)
  • Mr. Calle Karlsson, USA (new)
  • Ms. Agata Plechan, Poland, ATC-chair (new), elected by the IFF CB


IFF Appeal Committee Chair + three ordinary members of the Appeal Committee and substitute members

  • Chair: Ms. Märit Bergendahl, Sweden (re-election)
  • Members: Mr. Tom Hedkrok, Finland (re-election), Mr. Kim-Alexander Hofgaard Jorstad, Norway (re-election), Mr. Giorgio Rambaldi, Italy (re-election)
  • Substitutes: Mr. Adriano Serafim, Brazil (new), Mr. Charly Olivier Lobe Priso, Cameroon (new), Ms. Aiga Staltmane-Veksa, Latvia (re-election)

IFF Disciplinary Committee Chair + three ordinary members of the Disciplinary Committee and substitute members

  • Chair: Mr. Ismo Haaponiemi, Finland (re-election)
  • Members: Mr. Tomas Brezina, Czech Republic (re-election), Ms. Linda Noppa, Sweden (re-election), Mr. Peter Vrba, Slovakia (re-election)
  • Substitutes: Mr. Ilmars Blumbergs, Latvia (new), Ms. Yvette Manong Mouga, Cameroon (new), Mr. Florian Saluz, Switzerland (new), Mr. Marcel Wadja, Cote d’Ivoire (new)

IFF Ethics Commission Chair + three members of the Ethics Commission

  • Chair: Mr. Harri Syväsalmi, Finland (new)
  • Members: Ms. Wendy Kuan, Singapore (re-election), Ms. Carol Roberts, Canada (re-election), Ms. Sylvia Schenk, Germany (re-election)

IFF Auditor

  • Mr. Mikael Brandstam, Sweden (re-election)


IFF Strategy for 2021-2032

The IFF General Assembly approved the “IFF Strategy for 2021-2032 – Strengthening the Foundations”. The purpose of the chosen strategy and the vision and mission of IFF is defined as “The direction and development of floorball worldwide during the twelve coming years”.

Download the PDF version of the IFF Strategy here or read the document on the digital publishing platform Issuu:

– The defined IFF mission actually says it all: We need to lead, support and serve our member associations to together with the athletes and all other stakeholders promote, develop, protect and spread the game of floorball. This mission emphasizes the importance of working together for the benefit of our sport and seek the solutions for tomorrow’s problem already today, the IFF Secretary General John Liljelund concludes.

The IFF GA also approved the financial reports and auditors reports 2018-2019 as well as the annual report 2018-2019, budgets 2021-2022 and the plan of action for 2021-2022.


China new ordinary member

The China Floorball Union (CFU) has applied for ordinary membership and as the CFU has fulfilled all requirements for ordinary membership the IFF GA approved the CFU as an ordinary member of the IFF.

Also Cameroon applied for ordinary membership, but the GA decided that the decision of an ordinary membership for the Cameroon Floorball Association will be taken after some clarifications have been made with the Cameroon Association at the proposed Extra Ordinary IFF General Assembly in 2021.


Singapore to host the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2023

The organiser of the 14th Women’s World Floorball Championships (WFC) 2023 was also presented during the General Assembly. The Central Board has decided in its meeting on the 10th of December to grant the Women’s WFC 2023 to the Singapore Floorball Association. Singapore has hosted the Women’s WFC once before, in 2005.

– We want to thank the IFF CB for granting the Singapore Floorball Association the rights to organise the Women’s World Floorball Championships in 2023. The WFC 2023 will inspire all floorball fans in the region and offer a great legacy for the country, the Singapore Floorball Association President Mr. Kenneth Ho commented.


Decisions about Euro Floorball Championships postponed

The IFF Central Board felt that a face to face consultation meeting is needed in order to go further with the Euro Floorball Championships. The IFF GA approved the motion by the IFF CB to delay the decision of the Euro Floorball Championships. The plan is to decide about the event during an Extra Ordinary General Assembly to be organised in 2021.


Presentations of the upcoming major IFF Events

Men’s U19 WFC 2021, Brno, Czech Republic

The Men’s U19 WFC is played 28th of April – 2nd of May 2021. Visit the website here!

Women’s U19 WFC 2020, Uppsala, Sweden – played in May 2021

The Women’s U19 WFC is played 5th – 9th of May 2021.  Visit the website here!

Women’s WFC 2021, Uppsala, Sweden

The Women’s WFC is played 27th of November – 5th of December 2021. Visit the website here!

Men’s WFC 2020, Helsinki, Finland – played in December 2021

The Men’s WFC 2020 to be played from the 3rd – 11th of December 2021. Visit the website here!


Next IFF General Assemblies

The preliminary proposal is that the next Ordinary IFF general Assembly will be held on the 12.11.2022 at 09:00, during the WFC 2022 in Zürich, Switzerland.

The IFF GA further decided upon an Extra Ordinary IFF General Assembly to be held on the 11th of December 2021 during the WFC 2020 in Helsinki, Finland.

The minutes from the IFF General Assembly and the appendixes will be published soon here.

For further information please contact the IFF President Tomas Eriksson, eriksson@floorball.sport +46705943071 or IFF Secretary General John Liljelund, liljelund@floorball.sport, +3584005529031


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