The IFF office has received a lot of inquiries related to the transfers and the Covid-19 situation. Since some of the IFF Member Associations have been forced to stop their seasons temporarily the IFF office has prepared a temporary transfer rule, which is valid from the first of November 2020, in order to make it slightly easier for the players to continue playing in other countries and leagues and when wanting to return to the ordinary club. 

In addition to the ordinary transfer regulations the following is temporary in charge due to the COVID-19.

A player who is under the age of 18 may, if the series are being temporarily stopped by the national Association or authorities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, return to the original country and Club of the player without paying the transfer fee. When the series are restarted the player can return without paying a transfer fee.

If a player playing in a top league wants to play temporarily in some other country due to the reason that the league has been stopped by the national authorities or the national floorball association, the player needs to apply for a transfer (ordinary or express). When returning to the ordinary Club, the player needs to apply for an ordinary transfer, which will be handled as an Express transfer.

This temporary regulation is valid from 1st November until 30th of June 2021.

A step-by-step instruction on how to complete the transfer can be found here.
For more information regarding the International Transfers, send email to

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