Earlier this year, Seraina Ulber announced that she will end her playing career. On 1st of November, Ulber will start in a new role, as the Assistant Coach for the Swiss Women’s U17 team. 

After her announcement in May, Ulber wanted a small distance from floorball. The offer from the Swiss Floorball Association, if she would like to coach the Women’s U17 team together with Head Coach Sarah Renggli, surprised Ulber, who has been enjoying her newfound freedom. Nevertheless, she had a gut feeling that this was an optimal task for her: she does not need to be present in the hall on a regular basis but she still has the opportunity to not lose sight of her favourite sport. Also, the timing to start the coaching career is ideal for Ulber.

– The young players can now benefit from my experience as an active player, as the sport is developing very quickly, she says.

The U17 national team attracts Ulber, the two-time silver and three-time bronze medalist at World Floorball Championships, because she can work there with players who are very ambitious and talented and who want to be among the best. Ulber is convinced that she can give a lot to players at this age, among other things, the great effort it takes to become a professional.

– I want to show the girls how great it is to play for the Swiss national team and what unique emotions you can experience. 

The first thing for Ulber is the players’ passion and joy in wanting to invest in floorball.

– In the U17 age group, tactics are not in the foreground, but enthusiasm, the joy of sport, the willingness to give everything to be among the national and international top for a few years. By sharing my own experiences, I want to motivate the players to give everything they got.

Ulber can share her own experiences and motivation in the first training camp in November. She is happy to work together with Renggli as well as the rest of the staff and to help shape the development of young players.

Source: Swiss Floorball Association

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