The first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup is now over, but the IFF has asked the top contestant to answer some questions in order to present the top athletes to all floorball fans. Sangeeta Rathi won the WVFFC Adult category and now you will get to know more about this talented floorball player from India.

Congrats for winning the Adult category in the first ever World Virtual Freestyle Floorball Cup, how does it feel to be the voted as champion?
– Thank you so much. It’s hard to put this feelings into words. It’s like a dream.

You received the most likes among all finalists. Why do you think you received so much support from India and abroad?
– Firstly , I’m thankful to those special people who voted & supported me. I think because of my never give up attitude, people supports me. If you believe in yourself the world will believe in you.

You have participated in the Freestyle competitions in India as well and been showing off your skills on social media. When did you start practising floorball tricks?
– I knew about floorball back in 2010 when our sports teacher Dr. Pradeep Singh was introducing new sports in our school, RPVV sec-11, New Delhi. Currently, he is the General Secretary of Indian Floorball Federation (InFF).  First time i saw Mrinal doing  freestyle tricks and i found that very attractive, so I also started practising Zorro and Freestyle tricks in 2013.

Can you tell something of the floorball development in India? How has the leagues been organised and what is the most important event of the season?
– The floorball family is  working hard, it is growing more and more in India.

– Floorball is in (AIU) All India University for the last three years and in the School Games Federation of  India (SGFI) for the last six years. We participated twice in men’s AOFC and once in women’s AOFC. We are accepting all the invitations by IFF, training our team for the up coming tournaments and championships. This year, Indian Floorball Federation organised two Indian women’s and men’s camps (1st in January in Karnataka, 2nd in February in Goa). The Senior National & Federation Cup is the most important tournament in the year.  All states teams can participates in Senior National. But only the top eight teams can participates in the Federation Cup.

You are the captain of the Indian women’s national team. What are the team’s next aims? What about your goals as the captain?
– I always tell my team players that never give up, no matter what, just keep fighting. So the goal for my team is to finish with the best score, the only way to actually win is get better each day. We reached the quarter-finals in AOFC in 2018, now we aim is to reach the finals. We are working hard, so that we can represent India in the World Championship one day.

What did you think about this new Freestyle Floorball event concept? Would you like to see event concepts like this in the future as well?
– I really like this freestyle floorball event  concept, thank you for conducting such interested event during this pandemic. Yes, I love to see this kind of events in future as well.

You can follow Sangeeta Rathi on social media:
Instagram: sangeeta_rathi10

More WVFFC player presentations will be published on the IFF website on the IFF website soon!

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