The Swiss Floorball Association held its first ever virtual General Assembly on Saturday 21st of November 2020. This was the 24th General Assembly during which the revision of the statutes, the annual report and financial reports were approved. In addition, the Central Board (CB) was elected.

The Swiss Floorball Association General Assembly was postponed from June to November due to the pandemic and was carried out virtually.

One motion was on the agenda: the revision of the statutes due to the “Association structures 2020” (Verbandsstrukturen 2020) project. In order to be able to implement the association structures in 2020, a revision of the statutes is required. The following content has been adjusted in the statutes:

  • The regional league (Regionalliga) consists of cantonal associations and no longer seven regions.
  • Instead of 40 delegates, there are now 30 delegates: 15 regional league and 15 national league.
  • The association council (Verbandsrat) is abolished. So far it has met at least once a year, but the duties will now be taken over by the GA.
  • The CB has the possibility to issue temporary emergency regulations.
  • The GA takes place every year, and the elections, every two years.
  • The date is new in the fourth quarter and no longer in June. The invitation is now sent 60 days in advance and no longer 90 days.

The proposed amendments to these articles in the statutes were accepted and will take effect immediately, November 21, 2020.

Financial reports and annual reports approved
Another item on the agenda at the GA was the adoption of the 2018-2020 annual report and the annual accounts for the past two years. These were all approved unanimously. The Swiss Floorball Association closed 2018 with a profit of CHF 9,786 and 2019 with a loss of CHF 140,012.

The annual reports, financial reports, and auditor’s report were all approved. All previous members of the CB who were nominated were re-elected.

Swiss Floorball Association Central Board 2020 – 2022:
President: Daniel Bareiss
Head of Marketing: Jörg Beer (Vice President)
Head of Sport and Technology: Markus Vetsch
Head of competitive sports and selections: Roger Lötscher
Head of Finance: Markus Bürki
Head of IT: André Vils
National League President: Dario Pasquariello (ad interim)
President Regionalliga: Peter Zingg

The next General Assembly will take place November 20th, 2021.

Source & more information: Swiss Floorball Association

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