The Indian Floorball Federation and the IFF organised the first international webinar for the Indian floorball family. The webinar was concentrating on the new rules of the game 2022 and rules testing.

– The initiative for the seminar came from the Indian Floorball Federation and I thought that it was a very good idea to get floorball people together once again despite the global situation, says the IFF Operations Manager Mr. Veli Halonen, who ran the webinar.

The topics were mainly concentrating on the rule change process, new rule testing and also the process of the joint interpretation of the rules, which is an ongoing project of the IFF RACC, IFF RC and Member Associations.

–  It’s very much different to run an education session virtually compared to live educations, but I was positively surprised how interactive the webinar turned out to be. The sessions can’t be too long and the balance between the session and breaks is essential to maintain the interest of the participants, he concludes.

There were 87 participants from all over India from the State Floorball Associations and the webinar contained three 45 minutes sessions and the last session was reserved for questions and answers.

If your association is interested to organise a webinar in coaching or refereeing, you can be in touch with Mr. Halonen in the IFF office: halonen(at)

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